1. Gypsy Heart

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2. Gypsy Heart (4:08) (Lorrie Newman Keating (BMI)); Written 2009/©2010 Lorrie Marie Newman Keating)

In 2009, working as a civilian Air Force employee, the daily grind was starting to seriously wear me down. Somewhere about July, I told my husband that I was going to take a week away that fall. When he asked where WE were going, I had to break it to him that it wasn’t a WE trip - it was a ME trip. I know that the idea hurt his feelings, but it really was a necessary evil if I was to keep my sanity.

I made plans about where to go, what to do, and part of that was to try and write some new music - something that I had stopped doing for many years and reasons unknown. So I went…and I did…and I wrote…and WHAT I wrote ended up being a self-realization of the WHY of it all…and the knowledge that I was safe in my relationship to do what I needed to do. One of those big ‘Ah ha’ moments in a life… Oh, and I have continued to take that week away every year since…


Here I am in a room on a lake in Minnesota
I’ve been planning months so I could get this time away
And this morning I slept in
But not as late as I’d imagined,
Had some breakfast, then my tea and cigarette.
I popped in a DVD, and then practiced my Tai Chi
That was something on my list of things to do
Now it’s barely half-past ten AM and the day is still ahead,
But my gypsy heart’s in Texas
And I’m just missing you

If I were home, there’s no doubt
It would be another Sunday,
With all the boring weekend chores that I always do
Make the bed and do the laundry,
And your pants need to be ironed,
And it’s time to dust off all those ceiling fans
Then when you get home from church,
We’ll fix something up for lunch
And the afternoon has football games to see
Instead I watch them from my room on this lake in Minnesota,
And my gypsy heart is wondering
If you’re just missing me

All my life, I’ve been a drifter,
Both in body and in heart
Neither stayed in one place very long
And although I still get restless
And I feel the need to go
After all our time together, one thing’s true
I know my gypsy heart has found a home
With you…

So I look out from my room on this lake in Minnesota
A lake so big that I can barely see the northern shore
And the day is gray and rainy,
And the wind across the water
Makes the whitecaps on the lake look like the sea
Sitting here, the time ticks on,
As I try to write some songs -
That was something on my list of things to do
While my gypsy heart’s reminded of what it already knows
That this lake in Minnesota would be better
If I were here with you

Here with you….