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3 NEW YouTube PLAYLISTS!! Just posted 3 new playlists from a live performance at the Clinton Fall Festival on 22 September 2017! Got to be the opening act for this festival - it was a great time!

YouTube preview for 'LIGHTENED BY LOVE' is available here on the homepage!

'Lightened By Love' discs are HERE! Go to the Music Store page to get your disc or download, and check out the BUNDLE specials to save money!

PLANNING NOW FOR 2018 TRAVEL - wherever the bookings take me. Festivals, Venues, House Concerts (I would love to come and perform a concert in your home for you and 15-20 of your closest friends and neighbors). Contact me for booking information!

BOTH 'IN THE BOOTH' AND 'LIGHTENED BY LOVE' CONTINUE TO GET RADIO PLAY! Happy to say that DJs all over the world are still picking up tracks from BOTH CDs for their playlists. A HUGE THANKS to all the DJs for their continued support! 

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